Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Zelinka-Matlick New Look Sportcoat [Late 1940's]
7th Avenue New York as well as production in Paris and LondonDavid Zelinka and Max Matlick visted the Paris shows twice a year, but did not do direct copies. As David Zelinka put it, "I don't care to retrace the mistakes of other designers. I'd rather focus on our own adaptations and new interpretations.''

Note: This is essentially the position of the DENHAM design studio. Worship Tradition, Destroy Convention. (although we wouldn't describe the work of our predecessors or contemporaries as "mistakes" since they're often hugely inspiring to us, we remain uninterested in merely duplicating pre-existing concepts because we've got even more satisfying ways to spend our time).

Women's Fencing Doublet/American